hameln pharma, robust and reliable supply
  • supply chain robustness and reliability

hameln believe that robustness of supply is critical

We believe having multiple sites of manufacturing, multiple sources of API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) and multiple sites of batch release on our product licenses (Marketing Authorisations) is critically important in ensuring the continued supply of medicines. That’s why we have a significant rolling programme of investment in establishing additional or new sources as we believe this helps to ensure a continued supply of critical medicines to patients.

Daily deliveries direct into UK hospitals improves stock management, visibility and forecasting. This makes us more responsive

hameln is recognised as a key supplier to the NHS, with an exemplary supply and customer service record. As hospitals come under increasing pressure to reduce their stockholding in pharmacy, our direct distribution model means a closer relationship to our customers and enables us to manage our stock levels more effectively and be more responsive to changes in market demand.

All distribution and stock management is controlled from our own purpose-built warehouse

Our SAP management systems ensure the correct pricing is applied to customer orders. Customer documentation includes full batch details including batch expiry dates and is also available electronically.

We routinely double-check all orders and utilise picking by batch number to minimise the risk of picking errors. Orders are packed under high-definition CCTV cameras, allowing any errors or queries to be rapidly identified and resolved.