FMD Enquiry Form
  • Falsified Medicines Directive

FMD Enquiry Form

Sometimes it may be not straightforward to verify and/or decommission the unique identifier by scanning the 2D data matrix code on a product. There may be many reasons why verifying and/or decommissioning does not work; examples may include a mismatch in IT settings, connection problems to the verification service or a damaged code on the pack. Whilst hameln cannot help with any of the above problems, we can check if a unique identifier on a hameln product is legitimate. To do this please provide us with your contact details (which we will not share with anyone else) as well as the details of the unique identifier(s) you want us to check in the form below.

We will aim to get back to you as soon as we can.  Thank you

For enquiries relating to specific unique identifiers, please send us an enquiry using the form below:


The GTIN is a 14-digit number printed next to the 2D data matrix code as seen below: