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New Product Launch - Alfentanil 50 ml vial

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New Product Launch - Alfentanil 50 ml vial

hameln are pleased to announce the launch of Alfentanil 500 micrograms/ml solution for injection vial (25 mg in 50 ml)

This new product increases the range of Ready-to-Use injectable solutions already available - the advantages of Ready-to-use solutions are well known:

•   Delivery of the right drug in the right concentration and in the right presentation

•   Reducing risk of medication errors

•   Reducing risk of contamination

•   Improving patient safety

•   Reducing workload for nursing staff, releasing time for patient care

We are also pleased to announce that all our Ready-to-Use products are now available with Integrated Syringe labels®, which replace the need for handwritten syringe labels and ensures the contents of prepared syringes will be easier to identify during administration as well as during dose preparation.

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