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The proud history of hameln

From its humble beginnings in a high street pharmacy in the late 19th century, hameln has grown consistently over the past 125 years to become a key supplier in its core markets and in more than 40 markets worldwide.

1890 – Our roots in the Raths-Apotheke (pharmacy)

As early as 1890, Dr. Wilhelm Kerstein, great-grandfather of the current owner, acquired the oldest pharmacy, the “Raths-Apotheke" in Hamelin (the town well-known for its Pied Piper). The Raths-Apotheke was previously owned by Friedrich-Wilhelm Sertürner, the pharmacist who discovered morphine.

1950 – From pharmacy to factory

Prof. Dr. med. Günther Kerstein oversaw the start of industrial scale manufacturing and the foundation of the “Pharmazeutishche Fabrik Hameln”.

1980s – Further development into an industrial business

In the 1980s Eike Kerstein led the family business to focus on sterile parenteral drugs, development of our own pharmaceutical products and marketing authorisations. This decade also saw the acquisition of Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, now hameln pharma ltd in the UK.

2000s – Specialisation and diversification

To specialise in the core business, Christoph Kerstein split the original family company into three independent companies, focusing on manufacturing and marketing of parenteral products, primarily focused on supplying high-quality parenteral drugs for intensive medicine and anaesthesiology.

2006 – Acquisition of a research and development site

With the acquisition of VULM a.s. in Modra, Slovakia (subsequently becoming hameln rds a.s.) hameln greatly enhanced its technological capabilities, focusing on different steps during the development and production of pharmaceutical products.

2010 – Growing international footprint

For many years, hameln has been represented in the Asia/Pacific region by local partners. The region is constantly growing in importance, so to further exploit this potential and develop these markets even more, hameln set up a branch in Hong Kong in 2010.

2014 – Looking to the future

The company divested the contract manufacturing business at the end of 2014 and now concentrates on the marketing and distribution of its injectables product portfolio in more than 40 markets worldwide.

Did you know...? The Kerstein family has owned a pharmacy in the
German town of Hameln for over 125 years.